Hello, Welcome to my wiki, talk about anything, post anything, do anything.

Please, feel free to share things just to share them or get it out of you. You can brag or lie, as long as the lie does not effect people badly. This wiki was proudly founded by me ( Emmerson Heaton ). If you have an issue please inform me. If you have any hate comments please keep them to yourself, if someone is bothering you, contact me ( i guess ). If you have any nice or just plain comments to tell me, please tell me. Also tell me your wiki, if you have one.

If you wanna know a little bit about me i will share it right now, my favorite book is Warrior by Erin Hunter, i give a shout out to you Warrior fans and the creators of Warriors. My favorite wiki is Warriors Wiki, please go check that out. My gender is Female, i love cats,dolphins and favorite type of cat is a Calico, my favorite horse is an Appaloosa horse, my favorite dolphin is a spotted dolphin. I am currently 10 im in 5th grade, i go to Hillsmere Elementary School,my birthday is April 28 2006. And if you wanna know more, please ask me.

If you would like to know anymore facts about animals and dont feel like searching or you want my opinion on something, ask.

-Sincerely the creator of this wiki, Emmerson Heaton

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